HIV Test Window Period 6 Weeks

HIV Test Window Period 6 WeeksHIV test window period 6 weeks is already conclusive in today’s generation of testing. Statistics would prove that those without immunosuppression do produce antibodies within 4 to 6 weeks. The latest data provides clear proof that a 6 week is already 99+ percent accurate. But, in order to make sure, most cdc experts would advice an HIV test window period of 3 months at a time. The tests are the same whether you live in Australia, UK, India, or in any parts of the world.

Also, here are the rest of the facts, a 1 month would give 50% accuracy, 2 months would give 80 percent accuracy, 3 months would give 97% accuracy, 4 months would give 98 percent accuracy, 5 months would give 99% accuracy, and 6 months would give 99.99 percent accuracy. If the test delivers negative at 3 months then for sure it is negative, especially if it was not high risk, but just to be sure, test it at 6 months, which is what all experts would advice. It would be best to hear out the advice of these experts to clear things that cloud the mind.

Before, the past experts would say 6 months was ok, but because of today’s advancement in medicine a 4 to 6 weeks test would suffice. But, then again, just to make sure the patient must follow the regular 3 month tests. Indeed, the experts would advice that 4 to 6 weeks would already give conclusive results, but it is still best to test again at 3 months or at 6 months. HIV virus could be sometime tricky to detect, so might as well follow the advice of these experts.

For more data regarding getting HIV tests window period of 6 weeks, just go to CDC website here. They have all the information you might need about the care, cure and prevention of this illness.