Make Money Online Laptop

Ways to Make Money Online using a Tablet, iPad or Laptop

CloudCrowd application for your TabletYes! You can utilize your existing iPad or Tablet PCs and other similar devices, and your Facebook account to make money online. This is how you do it. Frist, create a Facebook account if you haven’t got one. Second, get a free PayPal account; it’s the trusted leader in sending and receiving money online. Third, you will use this Facebook application called CloudCrowd to accept outsourcing tasks from other companies; basically, you will have an online job that pays right after completing a project.

CloudCrowd is an outsourcing gateway, which uses Facebook as its platform to host their application. Their Facebook application is very user friendly; you will get the hang of it after using it a few times. Once you are done creating a CloudCrowd account, you need to take credential tests to increase your credibility level. But, you can already get an online project with your starting credibility level. As your credibility level increases, your chances of getting high paying projects also increases; it’s recommended that you take as many credibility tests that applies to your field of interests.

Make Money Online With CloudCrowd

The easiest projects in CloudCrowd that doesn’t require a keyboard are projects under Categorization. This is how you make money online using your iPad, Tablet PC or other similar devices. Your daily income depends entirely on your effort since you are paid daily, which goes directly to your PayPal account.

CloudCrowd pays you immediately to your PayPal account right after your completed project gets approved. You can then send the money from your PayPal account to your local bank account.

The image below is a my proof of payment coming from CloudCrowd’s Servio, Inc. The daily earnings below are just the bare minimum that you will possibly get if you don’t work enough. You can actually earn as much as $50 per day or more if you work harder.

Proof of Payment from CloudCrowd