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Children’s Illustrator for Hire

There are many talented children’s illustrators for hire on the Internet, and all of them have styles that are unique; one of them might suit the preferred design that you want for your children’s book. One particular children’s illustrator that I recommend is Jennifer Pacuma. Her website ChildrensIllustrator.Co contains tons of illustrations for kids. You can outsource the illustration tasks to her, and rest assured she will deliver it on-time and with quality results; just make sure to discuss to her the details of your project to maximize time and budget.

Hiring a children’s book illustrator will decrease the time of creating your novel. If you are a writer, then you can focus more on writing and let the artist do the illustration job for you. Children’s illustrator will also help in simplifying the messages of your book through illustrations the kids quickly understands. Again, a picture paints a thousand words, and illustrators are good on this. Also, let the artist do your book cover too; the designer knows what cover designs the children are attracted to. Usually, people buy the book because of its cover, so let the illustrator create the best book cover design for you.

And, before hiring a children’s illustrator, browse their portfolio and galleries to check if some illustrations are compatible with what you are looking for. If not, then contact the illustrator if he or she can create the style you wanted. Also, discuss the cost and the time it will take to finish the project. Again, children loves colorful illustrations, and a children’s book with great looking images will truly standout. Apart from their typical job as a children’s book illustrator, they are versatile artists too, and can help you illustrate with your website, blog, video and more. That’s it! Good luck with your children’s book and hopefully many kids will love it.

Diversify your Sources of Online Income Streams

Here’s an awesome blogger’s money map from ProBlogger. Basically, it already explains how to maximize your blog’s income potential by utilizing different offline and online income streams. I’m sure a lot of bloggers out there are only utilizing one income stream, which is AdSense. AdSense is great, no doubt, but if more than 95% of your income is taken from AdSense, then you’ll be in trouble if this suddenly gets cut-off. The purpose of the money map is to let us not focus in one income stream, which is not to put everything in one basket.

Money Map

Currently, if I based my income streams on the map, I have 3 sources of online income streams. That would be in Services, Advertising and Products. In services, I have been using freelancing, design and donations. In advertising, I have been making enough with Cost per Click (CPC). And in products, I have published an eBook and printed book, which can be bought online. This year I will be looking for more ways to increase my services. We really do not need to have everything in what the money map presents. You can start with one and stick to it till it earns, and then do another one. When you think you have enough online income for your needs, then look for ways to improve your existing strategy.

I have been a blogger for over 6 years now, and I have seen many bloggers quit this field because they were discouraged with their income in the beginning. My advice is to stick with it till it earns, because when it does, getting another possible online income stream will be a breeze. Again, never put everything in a single basket. Diversify your sources of online income; this way when one gets hit by bad luck, you can still move forward with your life while at the same time fixing the income stream that was badly hurt.

Healthy Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Losing 20 pounds of fat in a month is possible if you really put your mind into it. The first obstacle that could hinder your way towards losing that amount of fat is your half-hearted decision to lose weight. But, if you are really determined and committed, then it will be possible. Actually, you really do not need any kind of fad diets and trendy exercises to help you lose weight; it’s actually just common sense. If you eat more and move less, then you will surely get fat; if you eat enough and move more, then you will surely lose fats and strengthen yourself.

lose 10 pounds

Losing weight depends on the diet, cardiovascular activity, and strength training. In the dieting part, you just eat anything healthy and avoid sugary, grains, and greasy foods. If you must use oil to fry your food, then use vegetable or coconut oil. Also, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to reduce your cravings for grains.

To burn the fats you need to move. Do 20 to 40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise  3 to 4 times a week. A walk in the park and light jog will suffice. What is important is that you felt your heart pumping. If it’s not pumping then you are not doing any cardiovascular exercise at all. Combining your cardiovascular exercise with strength training will give best results. So, if you walk, bring along with you some dumbbells and climb stairs and steep roads. Body weights exercises like push-ups, squats and pull-ups will help a lot.

If you do this diligently, then you will definitely lose 20 pounds or more in a months time. The worse thing could happen will be losing at least 10 pounds. So, forget those fad diets and exercises and focus with what’s proven and tested for all time.

A High Quality Guest Post is Like This (Avoid Getting Penalized)

Guest PostHere are my thoughts about which guest posts gets penalized and rewarded. First, the reason guest posting became popular, and abused, is because of its ability to create tons of inbound links towards the main blog of the guest blogger. Every time a guest blogger creates a post on another blog, the writer has the privilege to include a link, often a ‘dofollow’ one with keyword –rich anchor texts, which is found within the post or the author’s short bio at the end of the guest post. Guest posting for pumping the Pagerank of the writer’s blog is spammy, and search engines like Google will penalize this kind of practice. But, the problem here is that Google can’t completely destroy guest blogging because there are high-quality guest posts out there that provide helpful, insightful and information-rich content.

So, what then is a high-quality guest post compared with a low-quality one. High-quality guest posts are written by influential authors who curate a high-quality blog. These authors have high followings, subscribers and readers. Their written content is usually editorial standards, free from grammatical errors, and written for carrying helpful, insightful and information-rich content; it did not undergone article spinning nor contain keyword –rich anchor texts; it’s not a poorly written content.

High-quality guest posts are not just random topics. These topics must relate to the main theme of the guest post site. And, if ever it links to outside information source, then the source topic must be relevant too. Also, authors must make sure too that seldom guest post and often post on their personal blogs.

So, these are my thoughts about guest blogging or guest posting and how not to get penalized. I hope this gives some basic insights for all bloggers who want to do guest blogging in the future for the purpose of sharing quality content.

Basic Content Marketing Strategy Example

Content marketing is attracting visitors to a website using different media materials. This includes providing articles, infographics and images, videos, downloadable free eBooks and software, and other media; it also uses social media sites, press release sites and other websites to capture audience. On the other hand, the content marketer also looks for ways to maximize the marketing investment for his blog or client’s website. Aside from his writing abilities, he might also use his search engine optimization skills to drive more viewers to the site. Thus, the final objective is to gain profitable website traffic while spending none or less in marketing effort.

Content Marketing

So, what are the free and basic ways to do content marketing?

First, you need to be expert in writing comprehensible articles, which gives solutions and instructive. And, you must have a good researching skill. It is not necessary to write highfalutin articles; just write articles that are understandable. There are tons of eBooks out there that teaches you how to write and do research easily. Your audience will find your article helpful if they can easily grasp the message. When you write make sure that at least a six-grader can understand it, if you want to target the general audience.

Second, write quality content. Your article must contain no grammatical errors. It must be informative and contain links to other information sources. If you think that you have grammar issues, then you can download tutorials about how to improve your grammar. There is also a premium grammar check plug-ins for MS Word such as StyleWriter, which you can use to fix your articles. When you write, write for humans to read and not for search engines. Indeed, content marketing and SEO goes together, but do not forget that your target audience are not machines.

Third, the site must be user-friendly. It must be pleasing to the eyes of your readers, easy to navigate and search, less or no obtrusive advertisements, and takes few steps for your readers to get the information they want. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then get a premium web layout; this will easily provide you with excellent user-friendly web interface so you can focus more in providing content.

Fourth, get other needed skills like how to do search engine optimization and getting free website traffic. Also, learn how to have a great public relations and communication skill, which you might need to effectively communicate with your target audience. People skills are vital in the content marketing era.

Also, if your website is powered by WordPress, then get plug-ins for traffic analysis, SEO, social bookmarking and sharing, and monetization tools.

These are the fundamental ways of doing content marketing. I am sure there are advance on more expensive ways to do content marketing.

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