Summer Fashion Wears, Clothes & Accessories for Men, Women & Children

Summer fashion wears revolves around the concept of feeling, looking and staying cool all day; the clothes and accessories should be geared towards protecting oneself from the heat and damaging rays of the sun. These basic tips will help you in choosing the best, cool and trendy summer fashion this year. You may even create the latest trends to wear for yourself without the need to refer to a fashion magazine or consultant. These tips work great for men’s fashion, women’s fashion and children’s fashion for summer. So start pumping your creative fashion edge right now with these fashion summer holiday tips:

Summer Fashion Wears1)      Choose light colors – The ultimate color for clothes to wear during summer is white. But, any light colored clothing combinations will do; light colored clothes reflects the rays of the sun and reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the clothes.

2)      Wear new cotton clothes – Cotton is cooler compared to other clothes because it porous and breezing wind could pass through it. Also, it easily absorbs moisture and sweat from the body, which will then get’s evaporated fast; the evaporation process takes away heat from the body, thus, lowers the body temperature and creates a cooling effect.

3)      Avoid thick clothes – Thicker clothes retain more heat from the sun compared to thin clothes; it also traps body heat.

4)      Wear long sleeves – The sleeves will protect your arms against heat and harmful rays of the sun; if you do not like long sleeves, then make sure you use sunscreen to protect the skin of your arm against UV rays of the sun. Alternatively, you can wear a separate summer arm sleeves.

5)      Wear pants – Just like with long sleeves, it protects your legs against heat and harmful rays of the sun; if you want to wear shorts, then make sure you use a sunscreen lotion.

6)      Wear undershirts – It helps in regulating body temperature in both cold and hot seasons.

7)       Heat and glare protection accessories – Wear hat, cap, sunglasses and other accessories that you find beneficiary in terms of protecting you against sun glares, heat and ultra-violet rays.

Indeed, there are more tips, but the things mentioned earlier will already give you an idea on what summer fashion to use for both ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girl during the summer holidays. You will even have the options of buying cheaper on-sale apparels compared to designer or signature items.

Cool Summer Food Ideas to Keep you Chilled

Cool summer food ideas to help you get chilled during summer. The summer food ideas listed here are the popular ones. Most of them are affordable, easy to prepare and readily available at your local grocery stores. One of my favorite cold food combinations are luncheon meat for cold cuts, iced-tea for beverage, and fruit salad for dessert; these foods will help in lowering your body temperature and stay cool during the hot season.

Cool Summer Food Ideas1)      Snow cones – This is one of the easiest to prepare. All you need is crushed ice, either manually done or using an ice maker, and fruit syrups. One of my favorite snow cones is strawberry flavored.

2)      Halo-Halo – By far, one of the best Filipino cold desserts. I usually order Halo-Halo at the nearest restaurant or fast-food; I either eat it there or take it out and eat it at home.

3)      Shakes – Another easy to prepare cold beverage. All you need is a shake blender and the basic shake ingredients with your favorite fruit flavoring.

4)      Popsicle – The cheapest cold food that you can readily buy at your favorite sari-sari or convenience store. We used to buy a lot of this when we were kids, and we still do so today sometimes.

5)      Ice cream – Our all time favorite dessert, the ice cream; it’s available everywhere, and what usually comes to mind when we think of cooling ourselves with food.

6)      Fresh fruits – Fruits are natural cooler foods, and are the best ways to healthily cool ourselves down during summer. Great examples of cooler fruits are oranges and water melons.

7)      Fruit Salad and other Frozen Desserts – All types of fruit salads and mango-floats are my personal favorites.

8)      Vegetable Salad – The simplest vegetable salad that you can serve cold is the lettuce salad.

9)      Iced Tea and Juices

10)      Cold Cuts – Precooked or cured meat serve cold. Examples of cold cuts are meat loafs, hams, chicken breasts, which are precooked and served cold.

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How to Pass Summer School?

How to pass summer school? Simply saying to “study” wouldn’t be the best advice because studying is a skill-set, which is composed of many skills bundled into one; there are some students who studied during summer school, but failed. They failed not because they are inherently slow or dull, but due to the lack of knowledge on how to have good study habits and strategies. So, what are the dynamics or processes that a student must do before, during and after studying? Also, the process should be adapted to summer schools schedules, which have few allotted days or around two months compared to regular semesters.

How to have good study habits during summer school?

How to Pass Summer School1)      Know what time of the day or night that you are most active and alert. Each student has a different biological clock. Some are active during the day, and some are active during the night (nocturnal.) You must study during your most alert time, also, avoid any rigorous physical activities before studying; physical activities can drain you mentally. Oftentimes, the best time to study is during early mornings. If it’s okay for you to drink coffee, then have a cup of coffee before studying; this helps in keeping you mentally active.

2)      Get at least 8 hours of sleep in order to gain an active mental state; a fully rested mind and body can easily help the brain function well.

3)      Eat enough and drink cold water before studying. Also, bring something to munch once in awhile during your study period.

4)      Take a bath and freshen-up before studying; this also helps in keeping you alert and mentally active during your study time.

5)      Wear comfortable clothes.

6)      Have proper lightings, and avoid dimmed rooms. If your room lacks lightings, then provide yourself a portable fluorescent lamp to receive extra lightings.

7)      Prepare an uncluttered table and face the wall while studying; this will help you in avoiding distractions.

8)      Do all memorization and reading activities first. Math and other subjects that require mathematical analysis must be done later. Also, use visual-aids and other studying tools to speed-up the process.

9)      Study for 20 minutes, then stop all activities and rest your eyes for 15 minutes before studying again. Study time should be at most 2 hours per day; the time could be divided and allocated throughout the day. The typical attention span of a regular student during studying is at most 2 hours.

10)      Have a light exercise after studying. Exercise stimulates blood circulation to the brain, which brings oxygen-rich blood necessary for brain to function well.

Do this every day with consistency during the whole summer school days.

Summer Business Ideas

Summer business ideas that you could start small at home are great; these seasonal business ideas could also work whole year round. Also, college students, teachers, teenage, kids and adults who are free during summers can make use of their time productively by doing these easy to do businesses; they could start part-time, and hopefully could become their full-time business in the future. So start a party or a company of your friends and family and establish a summer business based on the ideas below:

Summer Business Ideas1)      Sell refreshments and cold treats like popsicles, halo-halo, ice cream, ice scramble, cold beverages and juices, pearl shake, buko shake, milk shake, fruit shake, ice bags, ice water and others.

2)      Sell summer wears and accessories like hat, cap, umbrella, sunglass, arm sleeves, sunscreen lotion, towel, beach wears, and other casual summer outfits.

3)      Conduct workshops, sports program and tutoring services.

4)      Provide online freelance services writing, drawing, illustrating, programming and more.

5)      Home cleaning and lawn services.

Indeed, there are still many best summer business ideas that you will be able to find on the Internet, but the things mentioned earlier are amongst the top businesses that at a single person can do.

If this is your first time to start a summer business, then start small and build it gradually. Check the feasibility of the business in your area; know your target market; check for demands and look for the cheapest sources of raw materials if you are planning to sell beverages and summer outfits. Remember: some of these businesses are seasonal and may not bet that salable through non-summer months. Also, do not forget to get a business permit, and know the basic rules and regulations of doing small businesses and services.

I hope this article has given you more ideas on how to productively make use of your time during summer.

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