Basic Content Marketing Strategy Example

Content marketing is attracting visitors to a website using different media materials. This includes providing articles, infographics and images, videos, downloadable free eBooks and software, and other media; it also uses social media sites, press release sites and other websites to capture audience. On the other hand, the content marketer also looks for ways to maximize the marketing investment for his blog or client’s website. Aside from his writing abilities, he might also use his search engine optimization skills to drive more viewers to the site. Thus, the final objective is to gain profitable website traffic while spending none or less in marketing effort.

Content Marketing

So, what are the free and basic ways to do content marketing?

First, you need to be expert in writing comprehensible articles, which gives solutions and instructive. And, you must have a good researching skill. It is not necessary to write highfalutin articles; just write articles that are understandable. There are tons of eBooks out there that teaches you how to write and do research easily. Your audience will find your article helpful if they can easily grasp the message. When you write make sure that at least a six-grader can understand it, if you want to target the general audience.

Second, write quality content. Your article must contain no grammatical errors. It must be informative and contain links to other information sources. If you think that you have grammar issues, then you can download tutorials about how to improve your grammar. There is also a premium grammar check plug-ins for MS Word such as StyleWriter, which you can use to fix your articles. When you write, write for humans to read and not for search engines. Indeed, content marketing and SEO goes together, but do not forget that your target audience are not machines.

Third, the site must be user-friendly. It must be pleasing to the eyes of your readers, easy to navigate and search, less or no obtrusive advertisements, and takes few steps for your readers to get the information they want. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then get a premium web layout; this will easily provide you with excellent user-friendly web interface so you can focus more in providing content.

Fourth, get other needed skills like how to do search engine optimization and getting free website traffic. Also, learn how to have a great public relations and communication skill, which you might need to effectively communicate with your target audience. People skills are vital in the content marketing era.

Also, if your website is powered by WordPress, then get plug-ins for traffic analysis, SEO, social bookmarking and sharing, and monetization tools.

These are the fundamental ways of doing content marketing. I am sure there are advance on more expensive ways to do content marketing.

The Mind of a Digital Marketer According to an SEO Expert

SorianoMedia, a Las Vegas digital marketing agency, produced an infographics about what SEO consultants must do in order to help their clients succeed with their marketing effort. Nowadays, to gain profitable traffic requires more than just a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill. A true SEO consultant must be able to help the clients get more returns from their digital marketing campaigns. And, this is where a digital marketer comes into play. A digital marketer’s mind is not just all about SEO, but it is more than that. So, what is truly in the mind of a digital marketer? The infographics below pinpoints the strategies and skills needed in order to become a digital marketing expert.

I for one have been an SEO practitioner for over five years now, and I must say that this field is continually changing. Gone are the days when an SEO specialist can just manipulate a bunch of keywords in the content, and garner tons of back links just to get a high search engine visibility. Today, an online company must invest in digital marketing in order to compete. Indeed, SEO coupled with other digital marketing strategies requires a great amount of investment. That is why a client requires a digital marketing expert like SorianoMedia to help their website traffic convert.

A properly SEO’ed website that has high search engine visibility, but doesn’t convert its website traffic properly is a waste of marketing investment. But, through a digital marketer this website traffic will get proper conversion. Thus, the client will gain profitable traffic. Again, the infographics below is a must read for all SEO consultants, practitioners, specialists and enthusiasts. It holds the keys towards a successful online digital marketing campaign. As we all know, website traffic is the lifeblood of any website. And, properly converting this website traffic into a profitable one is what this infographics shows; SorianoMedia has nailed the 7 strategies necessary for the success of a profitable marketing effort.


Basic Ingredients for 1 Kilo of Meat

If you like to know about the basic ingredients that should be mixed to a kilo of meat then you came to the right place. Any kilo of meat will work with these basic ingredients. Let’s say you chose a kilo of beef/pork/chicken/fish. For every kilo of meat the basic ingredients are the following:

Basic Ingredients:

1 kilo of any meat

6 tsps salt

2 tsps sugar

2 tsps ground black pepper or allspice

1 tbsp vinegar

4 cloves garlic

1 large bulb onion

If you add additional ingredients like water, vegetables, onions, garlic and other non-salty ingredients, then you need to add more salt. If you add additional salty flavorings like seasonings, broth cubes and other sauces, which contain additional salt, then you need to lessen the tsps of salt from the basic ingredients. The rule of the thumb is for every kilo of non-salty ingredients you need to add 6 tsps of salt.

With these basic ingredients you no longer need to add a monosodium glutamate, a chemical for enhancing the taste usually found in commercial seasonings.

Mix the ingredients and soak the meat in the marinade for at least 30 minutes to several hours before cooking. You can either fry it or add additional ingredients to make it into a stew or other recipes.

This recipe has been my fundamental ingredients for all other recipes; this recipe alone already tastes great after frying it; just follow the procedure below:

1)      Put oil onto a frying pan and heat it till it’s ready for frying.

2)      Remove the meat, garlic and onions from the marinade.

3)      Put the garlic and onions onto the frying pan, and fry it for 1 minute.

4)      Put the meat onto the frying pan and fry it for around 2 minutes on its side if it’s flat. If it’s diced then fry it for 2 minutes.

5)      After 2 minutes it’s done. Serve.

Please enjoy this basic recipe and happy cooking.

ACER Aspire 4738z Hard Disk Boot Problem and Windows Installation

My Acer Aspire had a hard disk problem; it’s damaged an unrecoverable. At the same time, I no longer have a recovery disk. Fortunately, I have an extra 500Gb external hard disk drive and an ISO of my licensed Windows 7 installation. In order to install and boot Windows 7 using an external USB hard drive I used WinToUSB, which you can freely download. The instructions are easy to follow on that site.

Indeed, it runs smoothly, but it’s slower compared to a Windows installed on an internal hard disk drive. But, I am not a heavy application user so it’s more than enough for my usages. The bright side is that it works perfectly.

My ACER Aspire comes with a specific Windows OEM, which is designed for this model. But, I can’t recover it without the recovery disk specific for this model; I still have to buy a recovery disk at the ACER store online. For the meantime, a workaround is to install a different Windows version onto a USB external hard disk drive. And, it works great.

And the great thing about having a Windows system that can be run through an external USB hard disk drive, is, you can bring it around and run it on other computers that meets its minimum hardware requirements. But, you need to install the drivers for the other computers.

I will also try installing a Windows XP onto a USB hard disk. This will contain different software utilities to help repair software and hardware in my computer and others. This will also help boot my system if in cased my other external USB hard disk fails.

Again, just visit the website for more information on how to install and boot any Windows operating system onto an external USB hard disk drive.

Content Marketing and SEO is Today’s Perfect Combination

Content is king, which has been pounded many times to all web content providers and still holds true even today. Also, SEO is still not dead since it is needed to make the website search engine friendly. But, those are not the only thing needed, especially in today’s advancements in the information age. Content marketing is today’s king in combination with today’s SEO strategies.

So, what is content marketing anyway? It is providing useful and valuable content to certain targeted readers (without selling anything,) which can easily be shared through popular social media channels; the overall content must make the reader want to share it to everybody, not because they are given incentives to do it, but because it’s useful and helpful to other people.

Fundamentally, content marketing will only work if the provided content is valuable, helpful and useful. The share-ability of the content will always depend on the reader. If the reader likes it and find it useful, then that reader might share it to the rest of the world through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or through the reader’s own blog.

Also, Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays an important role in the overall success.  Still, a lot of people use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find what they want. And, in order to have a good search engine placement on the SERPs you need SEO.

So, SEOs today must be great content director or managers. They should possess the ability to market the content through different media channels to ultimately gain website traffic for their blog or client’s website. Again, these are just part of the strategies of achieving website traffic, which is the lifeblood of a website. Web traffic is the number of people visiting a website at a given time, which are possible customers and clients.

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